Oct. 9, 2019, 9:51 a.m.
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Customer service can be a very powerful tool for any company. If anything, it may be the most influencing aspect of brand loyalty.

With relation to the week, many companies have sent in messages of appreciation to their customers. I’m pretty sure you have seen published tweets or at least received an SMS message or two from companies you are already part of.

It is important to realize that apart from reminding your customers that their presence is well appreciated, companies should also reward their frontline representatives for always handling their customers with care and ensuring they are satisfied. Companies should also look into their different departments to identify new ways on how well they can cater for their customers and do away with ways that have not worked in the past.

Forbes for instance, have actually laid out a four- step service recovery system that allows companies to respond to a customer who is upset about the failure of a service;

  • Make time to listen to the customer without having any interruptions

  • Acknowledge the situation and if an apology is called for then apologize sincerely,

  • Have a meeting of minds; coming up with a solution that aligns to the customer’s expectations and something practical that you can pull off,

  • Act and follow up; take care of the issue and follow up with the customer to ensure all is well; examine what had gone wrong in the first place to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Happy National Customer Service week!
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