Sept. 26, 2019, 7:09 p.m.
Kui 4 |
“Two months ago, I was travelling and happened to pass through Kisumu. Being a hotdog lover, I knew I would want to get one and so I started scouting around for Tuskys supermarket because they have the best hotdogs. I am an introvert and in a new city so I couldn’t ask around for it therefore making me search for hours to no avail. Eventually I gave up and acquiesced to the well-known smokie pasua which did not fully satisfy my taste buds.

A month later, I told my friend about my mishap and he recommended Totell App for me. Totell is an app that not only gives exact locations to places but also gives reviews of different places. So, I would have not only found Tuskys supermarket but also got recommendations for different places with even better hotdogs than the one place my naïve self is familiar with.

Totell has amazing features such as the Quick Response code(QR) that easily leads the users to the entity or event page or to the post page with their username pre-filled. This simply means while you’re in a restaurant and want to tell people how good the services there are, you just scan the code and voila! All you have to do now is write your experience.

You can also tag your posts, making your post become very specific about the entity you are reviewing. For instance, if a user wanted to get information on the Koroga Festival that just happened last weekend, they would look for the tags made specifically for Koroga festival and easily access the information they wanted.

Totell users can rate their experiences to show how they really felt about the product or service offered. This is good because sometimes not even words can explain how you really feel and showing it is the only way how. These rates eventually work as a recommendation tool which is also another feature for the App. Totell can recommend for you, services and products you may need based on your location, the ratings and other people’s experiences.

Users can also follow entities they are interested in and get notified when there are new posts by the entity they follow. So if you are interested in fashion, you can follow clothing stores to get notified of new apparels so that you can be up to date. Also hand in hand, users as well as entity owners can report posts that they deem inappropriate which are then removed temporarily for review and if it checks out then the posts are permanently removed.

It is also very simple to use Totell which was my first liking. I can now give my thoughts and opinions of my experiences for others to benefit from. So far so good!”
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