Sept. 21, 2019, noon
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Totell is a free platform that enables its users to evaluate different products and services provided to them. Everyone always wants a second or a third opinion of things before they try them, therefore we allow everyone to share their own experiences, both compliments and grievances.

Central access of information is the number one quality for totell. This makes it easier to come by the information you are looking for. This is because users can get reviews of all products and services as well as events done by other users in one place instead of searching helter skelter for pieces of information from who knows where.

Entrepreneurs, company owners, event marketers and service providers, have a platform to market their products and services which is good because it enlightens the users on what the market already has for them. They are also able to increase engagement with their customers because feedback is ASAP therefore getting to know what to keep doing and what not to. Users are also advantaged because they get to keep in touch and follow entities they are interested in.

After a year of many changes, refining and working endlessly, Totell was launched on the 1st of November 2018. The company at the present is run by a team of diligent people. The team is headed by David Mwangi, a student at Mount Kenya University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.

He saw this opportunity while he was learning to make websites. He explains that this idea was brought about by lacking information regarding government services when he was in dire need to know how to apply for a passport and the process it takes to get the passport. And even if there were bits and pieces of information, they were not organized, categorized and definitely not in one place.

Totell is striving to reach an even larger population for people to be helped by it because we all know the struggles we go through when trying to find meaningful and helpful information about literally everything.

That is just a little bit about us, let us know about your experiences. We would love to hear your stories.
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