Start collecting feedback for your restaurant
and host your menu online for free *it is also hygienic.
Understand your customers.
Engage your customers. Know what they like and what they don't. Make them happy. They will keep coming.
Categorized feedback collection.
Collect and view feedback about different aspects of your restaurant separately. Hygiene? Food? Ambiance? Waiter/Attendant? Wait time?.
Engage your customers.
Respond to feedback and follow up with your customers. Show them you really care, improve your products and services and an increase in customer retention and satisfaction will be inevitable.
Monthly data reports and insights.
No need to hassle with making sense of the data collected, we will do it for you so that you can focus on what you do best. Running a restaurant.
Photos tell an experience better.
Your customers can also include photos as part of their feedback
Work with data, don't guess what your customers think about your restaurant. Read more about our restaurant feedback feature.
Sample Restaurant QR code
One QR image for everything. Feedback & Menu.
Menu items change. Prices change. Meal availability changes.
Menu items change. Prices change.
Meal availability changes.
No more menu redesign and printing costs. Update Your Menu Anyday. Anytime. Changes are instant, they reflect immediately..
Provide the correct menu.
Provide the most accurate menu to your customers. With the latest items, descriptions and prices.
Meal availability
Meal unavailable after a certain time? some drinks are available only in the evening? We will set meal availability time for you. Your customer sees the available meals.
Daily specials and offers
Daily specials and offers change everyday, all it takes for you is to notify us of your daily special/offer and your menu will be updated in less than 5 minutes.
Payments are going mobile, your menu should too. Now more than ever your customers are avoiding contact with physical objects. Show your customers you care.
Hosting your menu, editing it as many times as you want and your customer viewing it is Free!!. No hidden costs. Read more about our restaurant menu feature.
Customers use their phone camera to scan the QR Image provided by you.
They then click the notification link that pops up and follow the link.
They are directed to a page that has your restaurant menu and a feedback form.
No app install required to scan the QR code *. Scan and Go.
Don't be left behind
Do you have questions? We have tried answering most of them on our Frequently Asked Questions page . You can also talk to us or email us. We respond quickly.
* some phones don't have native scanning capability but many apps on phones have scanning feature.