Feedback Feature

Collect feedback from your customers. Here is a Sample Feedback Form. Click write a review link to see the demo feedback form.

Know What They Don't Like

Your customers won't come forward to the restaurant manager to share their thoughts with him/her. Rely on data, collect feedback from your customers and find out what they don't like so you can improve on the same.

Increase Customer Retention

Collect feedback so that you can keep doing what's working and improve on what's not. Don't loose your customers to your competitors. Keep your customers happy and they will keep coming, you won't need to worry about word of mouth referral.

Get Ahead Of Your Competitors

Act on the feedback collected from your customers, be up to date on their needs. Continuously improve your products and services. Keep your customers happy and they will keep coming back.

Collect Categorical Data

Your customers will be able to specify what about your restaurant they are sharing their feedback about. Is it the meals? Servers/Attendats? Hygiene? Wait time? Convenience?. On your side, you will be able to filter data based on the categories above saving you time.

Monthly Data Reports And Insights

Receive easy to understand monthly reports of your data to provide an overview of how your restaurant has been performing.

Engage Your Customers

Respond to the feedback shared by your customers, get to understand them, take action, show them you care and they will always keep coming.
You can place the QR image on the table menu holders, receipts, fliers, stickers, delivery bags, etc.
Customers use their phone camera to scan the QR Image provided by you.
They then click the notification link that pops up and follow the link.
They are directed to a page that has a feedback form where they can share their feedback.
No app installs to required to scan the QR code *. Scan and Go.