Menu Feature

Host your menu online for free!! Yes Free. Now and Forever. Here is a Sample Menu. Click our menu link to see the demo menu.

Hygiene. Hygiene. Hygiene

Payments are going contact-less. Your menu should too!! Now more than ever people are avoiding contact with physical objects. Keep your restaurant germ free by having your menu online. Show your customers you care

Daily Specials

These change frequently. Gone are the days of writing your specials on a black/white board. Upload your specials on our page and reach more potential customers.

Reach More Potential Customers

Attract and capture potential customers by showing them your online menu so they can know what you offer.

Change Your Menu Anytime

Menu items change. Prices change. Availability change. A meal isn't available in the evening? Worry not. Inform us when any changes occur and we will update your menu in less than 5 minutes.

Provide The Correct Menu

Provide the most accurate meals names and prices everyday. Don't disappoint your customer by making them pay more than what was indicated on the menu for a meal.

What Is The Cost?

NOTHING!! Yes that's correct. Nothing. Having your menu on our platform is and will forever be free. No limits.
Make as many changes as you need. As much as you need. It will always be free.
You can place the QR image on the table menu holders
Customers use their phone camera to scan the QR Image provided by you.
They then click the notification link that pops up and follow the link.
They are directed to a page that has your restaurant menu.
No app installs required to scan the QR code *. Scan and Go.
Don't be left behind